I need help


I’m going into a depression again, I can feel it. I’m trying to pull myself out, but it’s really hard. I really just want to die… I even started making a plan to escape… I’m going insane. Please help me. Say the right thing. Keep me on the track of life. Please help. Please.

I know how that feels, to just want to shrink into yourself and wither away. You just don’t want to feel anything anymore because it all feels like too much. There’s no real recipe for getting over it. There’s no step one and two. All you can do is focus on you in these moments. Take a break from whatever is overwhelming you if possible. Take even just five minutes to make yourself smile. Fucking trick yourself into thinking things are okay while you work it out. And just please know that every single problem you have is temporary. It sure as hell may not feel like it, but it is. It really is. One year- hell, maybe one month from now, you’ll look back and wonder why you felt so shitty. Be strong, I would miss you if you left. I love you, friend. I don’t know if this helped or anything, but my ask is always open. I could give you my number if you ever need a friend to text when you’re feeling stressed. Please take care of yourself.